Menlo Charity Horse Show

ELLA at Menlo Charity Horse Show August 9 -14, 2022
Thank you to everyone who visited us, August 9-14 at ELLA's Pop-Up Shop on Vendor Row at the 50th Annual Menlo Charity Horse Show benefiting the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. ELLA is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor since 2015.
Marianne Woolpert and Happyness
Marianne Woolpert and Happyness: winners of the Menlo Charity Horse Show $5,000 1.10m
ELLA-Equestrian Lifestyle Luxury Art AA Jumper Classic. Photo © GrandPix


We were delighted to showcase Schulz at The Menlo Charity Horse Show, August 9 -14, 2022 and share their amazing collection.  Co-founder David Riley  introduced the design concept and discussed how the Schulz 1912 Collection merges real-world utility with enduring elegance and longevity.

Schulz Design, Inspiration and Eco Commitment
  • Schulz was founded to contribute a new level of care and consideration to how riders navigate their everyday training and travel and to provide a positive, more sustainable impact within the equine industry.

  • The collection was designed to merge real-world utility with a spirit of elegance and resourcefulness, they are intuitive to use for ease and organization, they are durable to stand up against the toughest environments and built to last a lifetime.
  • One of the first sources of inspiration for the 1912 Collection were antiques and vintage products, items that would last and that weren’t intentionally designed to break down prompting further purchases.

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 As part of ELLA's Diamond Sponsorship of the 50th Menlo Charity Horse Show in Atherton, California, we proudly promote Shannon Lawlor's iconic image of Flambo as ELLA's signature mark in the 50th Anniversary collectible program. View more of Shannon Lawlor's impeccable equine art at:

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