Schulz 1912 Collection

Commemorating dressage’s entrance into the Olympic games, this debut collection merges real-world utility with enduring elegance and longevity. Schulz Design, Inspiration and Eco Commitment.

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  • Schulz was founded to contribute a new level of care and consideration to how riders navigate their everyday training and travel and to provide a positive, more sustainable impact within the equine industry.

  • The collection was designed to merge real-world utility with a spirit of elegance and resourcefulness, they are intuitive to use for ease and organization, they are durable to stand up against the toughest environments and built to last a lifetime.

  • One of the first sources of inspiration for the 1912 Collection were antiques and vintage products, items that would last and that weren’t intentionally designed to break down prompting further purchases.


  • 100% recycled polyester for durability and ease of cleaning  
  • Leather Accents: LWG Gold Rated soft-polish leather
  • As part of their commitment to keep our products out of landfills, Schulz offers a comprehensive trade-in and recycling program to take back any of their products.


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