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A bit of ELLA trivia:  Where in the world is this ELLA Storefront?
Some of you may not know that ELLA has a sister store in Beijing, China and we thought you might like to take a peek inside.  With the first touchdown of snow, it always feels magical and pure with the crisp air and excitement of holiday spirit upon us.  It snowed early this year and heavier, which in this part of the world is considered a good sign during the regular cold and flu season, so I'm taking heart that in a covid year this is a doubly good sign. 

As the equestrian scene has been developing overseas, since 2006 ELLA pioneered and continues to be the leader in bringing the best of the equestrian lifestyle to this growing market.  Even though ELLA, China may seem far away, both our team here in California and in the east recognize that we are one world regardless of location and want to wish you and yours peace, health and a special holiday this season!

~ Melissa Lu

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