• The In Gate Roller Ball
  • The In Gate Roller Ball
  • The In Gate Roller Ball

Infused Equestrian

The In Gate Roller Ball

$ 25.00

The Infused Equestrian provides equestrians with the highest quality therapeutic essential oil products, easy to apply 10ml glass bottle stainless steel roller ball application. This essential oil is known to promote confidence, focus and mental fortitude. It stimulates and oxygenates the limbic system of the brain -- a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger).


Once the rider feels a sense of calm, the horse will respond to the emotional shift in his partner. The syncing of both the rider and horse can make the difference between a mediocre ride and an excellent ride. Contains Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Bergamot & Valor

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