Our Story from F.WORDS on Vimeo.

With twenty years experience in the world of haute-couture, Kendel created F.WORDS with utility in mind.  Seeking to merge the outfits of several athletic endeavors of lifestyle pursuits into a single brand.  

Using the highest quality Swiss, Italian, and American smart-tech fabrications, F.WORDS is created alongside artisan tailors and craftsman in the heart of the New York City’s Fashion District in the finest Atelier, to produce each F.WORDS haute-couture performance apparel collection.

Our four F.WORDS are Fit. Fashion. Function. and Flexibility.

It’s our promise to deliver on a far too commonly overlooked principle in athletic apparel.  As a result, we’ve created the most versatile (aka Flexible) collection of athletic apparel known as “couture performance apparel”.  

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